A Post Hardcore band from south Wales who were once a Sextet named "January Thirst".
They had a shuffle of band members and became the one of the greatest bands to emerge from the UK.
"Funeral For A Friend" put together a mixture of Hardcore, melodic metal, and punk to create the greatest sounding music from over the severn bridge.
The best band i have seen live, they sound way better than the record.
Matt Davies (lead vocals) is always in tune, can scream, and puts so much feeling into his voice, the two guitarists Darren Smith and Kris Roberts both produce riffs that Iron Maiden would be proud of, Gareth Davies (bass) sings backing vocals so well always in tune, and the drummer Ryan Richards is amazing, knows exactly when double-bass is needed and creates atmosphere with his perfect use of the "Zil Bell".

I recomend that everyone into any type of rock music buys "seven ways to scream your name" and "casually dressed and dep in conversation" why not go get "hours" too.

Im saying this, comng from Bristol where the Welsh are not the most liked people by any means.
Best Songs:

>The art of american football
>Bullet Theory
>escape artists never die
>The end of nothing
>This years most open heartbreak
>1045 Amsterdam Conversations
>She drove me to day time television
>Waking Up
>You Want Romance
>10 scene points to the winer

Funeral For a Friend.
by Chazzy_D August 20, 2007
Top Definition
One of the most awesome Welsh bands to ever make it. Not just loved by emo kids.The lyrics are thought-provoking and meaningful, the riffs are stunning, the drumming is powerful, and unlike many bands, when funeral for a friend play live, they sound alot better than they do on the album, which is a rare thing. Casually dressed and deep in conversation/ Seven ways to scream your name should be in any rock fans CD collection
funeral for a friend rock! they are amazing and ive seen them 4 times live!!
by lea_lea_lea July 27, 2004
One of the best fucking bands to come out of the welsh music underground ever. joined kick ass tour with iron maiden and their latest album, casually dressed and deep in conversation was the best 50 mins in my life
Funeral For A Friend are kick ass, and all you metallers who think they suck are absolute bastards who wouldnt know good music if it went around biting people on the nose
by Ravenlord April 23, 2004
the most sexual band ever. often defined as emo. make up your own mind, they're awesome whatever. and darran smith is the nicest bloke ive met in my life.
wow funeral for a friend kicked ass last night
by Vixicle January 17, 2004
an amazing band with some great lyrics that kick so much ass its unbeleiveable! anyone who has never heard one of their songs has not yet lived!
Not loved just loved by "emo kids," my cat also like them!
FFaf are one of the greastest bands to see live! they rocked at reading this year!
matt davies, lead singer is all so fine
matt davies from ffaf is loverly
by Holly November 02, 2004
The best rock music to come out of the uk for a little while,and sikth are a pile of cunt, oh yeah ffaf isnt just listened to by grubby little goths and posers its listened to by cool dude semi pro skaters such as me!
bullet theory,one badass song
by james,Barnet March 25, 2004
An amazing punk/rock band that deserves some fucking respect and when people say their emo, who gives a shit? funeral for a friend rules!!
seriously, check out some of funeral for a friend's songs before you make any accusations assholez!
by Shayne Andersen January 14, 2006
Funeral For A Friend:

Post Hardcore/Rock/Underground.

Me and all my friends love them.

Their albums "Hours" and "Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation" Rocked.

Their guitar/drum workings are great.

The lyrics are awesome.
Funeral For A Friend rocks out loud!
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