All dressed in black or mostly in black, from head to toe. Not because of an actual funeral but because you just love the color that much.
Maaan, my style is straight funeral!
by qytSTRM January 12, 2011
The opposite of a birthday party.
"And so I've organized a little gathering, like a birthday party EXCEPT...the exact opposite (funeral)" - Dr. Cortex, Crash Twinsanity
by BMOCKilla November 23, 2012
A pointless ceremony, seeing as the person who is honoring can not see hear feel smell or taste what is going on. They are dead. It is still a very polite gesture to go, because the family of the deceased person is still alive. Often, you do not even know the deceased person very well.
I had to go to my cousin's grandfather's funeral. I didn't even know the guy. He's dead he dosen't know We're here to honor him! I don't know why this was open-casket the morticians didn't cover up that gunshot wound to the face very well!
by Mr. Johnny March 12, 2005
the day your asshole father dies and at his memorial you bang your hot ass step mom!!!!
"dude i had a funeral!"
by ya boy andrew March 28, 2008

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