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A word used by anybody usually defined as Emo/Goth/Mosher/Grunger/Rocker/Punk etc. to confuse the asker. It doesn't really describe a person, therefore I cannot really name charateristics it is just used to describe yourself if you fit into the above catergories. Created by one very crazy boy, brought into use on a cruise ship by him and his friends in summer 2007. COME ON PEOPLE, spread the word, you will be original, and the first generation to use it!!!!
Chav: "Are You A Mosher?"
Fundoodle: "Nope"
Chav: " Are You an Emo?"
Fundoodle: "Nope"
Chav: "Are you a goth?"
Fundoodle: "Nope"
Chav: "What the hell are you then?"
Fundoodle: "A Fundoodle."
Chav: "A fun-what?"
Fundoodle: "A Fundoodle."
Chav: "Whats that?"
Fundoodle: "...Me." walks off
by Old Way? = DEAD. Still. September 07, 2007
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