also known as "Funderfuck"
Mrs. Funderfuck is a lizzard who thinks that the Germans bombed pearl harbor....

Mrs. Funderburk needs to be mauled
by BURN!!!!! October 08, 2003
Top Definition
To funderburk is to see something so hilarious on Facebook during class that you burst out laughing and must log out of Facebook to prevent getting noticed by a professor.
After Ryan's outburst in class, Steve funderburked before he fell out of his chair laughing.

You've just been funderburked.
by Soulman5 January 28, 2011
An old, saggy lizard that eats babies and/or small children.
Mrs. Funderburk is a douche.
by Kevin Pugh September 30, 2003
An evil satanic bitch that has a HUGE stick up her ass.
Mrs. Funderburk has a penis.
by Stingray September 17, 2003
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