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n. refers to pulling down your pants to reveal your balls and ass to the world to fill time during a slow period. Before being done, you must say "Here comes the funcooker!"
After an awkward pause, Bill turned to his friend, unzipped his pants and said "Here comes the funcooker!"
by Russell Franchise March 12, 2009
When a man in front of onlookers drops his pants and farts directly at them.
This morning, on Today, during a segment on microwaving ham, Al Rooker decided to give the camera a fun cooker.
by The Schrodinator March 13, 2009
1. Small, portable microwave as seen on 30 Rock.

2. A bent over display of your naked ass, presumably a male's ass with balls exposed. Made famous by the Tracy Jordan character on 30 Rock.
1. I'm going to heat up some ham in the fun cooker while taking a shower.

2. Check out my fun cooker!
by 30 Rocker March 13, 2009
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