1. One who is known to destroy fun in any given situation. Sometimes quite comically mistaken for sun fucker.

2. An insult aimed at one who has ruined a joke.

3. Slang for 'vacuum cleaner' when said vacuum cleaner is being used to clean up the remnants of the previous night's party.
1. Preppy teenage girl: Gosh, mom, you're such a flippin' fun sucker! But, oh, geez, wait! Could you pick me up some condoms on the way home? 'Kay, thanks.

2. 'Nettie: Fun sucker! =p

3. Emo boy: Dear diary, So my dad beat me over the head with the fun sucker the other day...
by IxBexAxNinja July 26, 2006
Top Definition
One who sucks fun.

A person who can take any situation where others are enjoying themselves and remove all pleasure from it. Popularised by the Lindsay Lohan movie Freaky Friday.
Bob: Hey, Frank. Wanna go cow-tipping with the guys tonight? It'll be a blast!
Frank: My dog was CRUSHED and KILLED when someone tipped a cow onto him.
Bob: ...

Chris: Hey, Frank. We're down at the river skipping rocks. Wanna come down?
Frank: My dog was KILLED when someone hit him with a rock when he was swimming. He DROWNED.
Chris: ...

George: Frank, you wanna come on a road trip during Spring Break?
Frank: My dog was RUN OVER and KILLED by college students on a road trip.
George: ...
Chris: ...
Bob: Seriously, man. What the fuck.
by Lady Chevalier June 10, 2005
Someone who can find a way to suck the fun out of ANY situation. The said person usually starts off by complaining and/or nagging...before you know it s/he has gone into full suction mode ruining the day.
Your such a fun sucker, fuck off!
by BETTY CROCKER June 26, 2006
somebody who sucks the fun out of anything.
The funsuckers have ruined halloween with their irrational fears.
by MacQuarrie December 04, 2003
a person who sucks the fun out of everything
"Man, she's is such a fun sucker..."
by Banana Selective Hearing March 04, 2008
One who sucks the fun out of situations.
Allison is a funsucker.
by mahu_55 May 05, 2005
1. One who is exclusively parasitic in his or her relationship with banter; 2. someone unable to maintain any form of symbiotic relationship with banter; 3. one who cannot sustain his or herself on his or her own banter and requires the energy created by others to get by.
Person A: "I went to Paris at the weekend."
Person B: "Really, that's cool! What did you do?"
Person C: "I went to Spain once and it was better than France."
Persons A + B: "C, you are a funsucker, my friend."
by Riddledeedum February 22, 2013
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