1. The waxy coating, thin skin or membrane found in between the scrotum and anus: he checked the consistency and odor of his fumunda before exiting the bathroom.
The slang term is a shortening of the phrase "from under", more specifically "from under my balls".
by Dr. Walter W.D. Merriweather March 18, 2003
Top Definition
A not-so pleasent aromatic combination of ball sweat and naturally occuring body odor - originating on, around or from under (fumunda) one's testicles

a.k.a. - dick cheese
Hey ladies, would you care for some fumunda cheese with your wine?

Heh, Fumunda? I've never heard of that. Where is it from?

Fumunda my nuts!
by Munda November 20, 2002
the smelly translucent waxy discharge, or accumulation of body filth, lint, penal/rectal discharge, beneath ones testicles, or around the retracted tip of an uncircumcised penis.
KID:hey coach want some fumunda cheese?
COACH: whats fumunda cheese?
by Tart Firkinson August 26, 2004

a foul, rancorous substance with qualities similar to an unwashed pubic area or genitals.

derived from the phrase "from under."
damn this cheese is fumunda.

dude you best be showering, you smell fumunda.

by michael forrester January 23, 2008
The combination of smells and substance that accumulates "from under" you private parts when in need of shower.
George grabbed a quick shower to wash his fum-unda before his date.
by sb400 November 13, 2007
used to describe the origin of a foul smell
"That smell is coming fumunda, fumunda his arm pitts."
by Ashley Kosten December 30, 2007
The smell eminating from in between the fat rolls of a overweight or obese person. Also usually accompanied by a yeast like growth or infection marked by yellow colored "cheese".
Did you see the sweat stains on that guy? He had fumunda falling out of his dirty laundry.
by BLKOPZ February 06, 2004
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