To make an incredibly inept attempt at something with little or no forethought or experience.
I always thought, when I was a child, that one day I would wake up and miraculously have all of life's answers, but as I have gotten older I realize how badly my parents fumblefucked their way through life!
by Lord Endsville July 20, 2009
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A discombobulated, uncoordinated idiot who runs into crap and can't hold onto anything, physically or mentally.
1. "He's such a fumblefuck..."
2. "Heylo, my name is Darius Fumblefuck."
by Aaron - Jewzilla September 02, 2007
The act of tackling another male/female out of/off of their lovers vagina/penis and then proceed to gain possession of the vagina/dick by diving into or onto the sexual organ and fucking it, Warning: dangerous but guaranteed sex
"Dude I walked in on my roommate fucking his girl so i tackled him and fumble fuck the shit out of her!"
by Weist 3rd February 05, 2012

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