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This dude on yahoo chat... Totally erratic. One day chillin' ..the next day posin'. The guy can't make up his mind about anything..other than the fact he wants sex from the ugliest girls in pennsylvania chat. The last one was in the woods for a quick bop in exchange for some illegal prescription pills.
Hey how many fuks does it take a fukker to get a red pee pee?
by GuessWho December 03, 2004
11 7
Someone who is like an average fucker, but a bit nastier.
Man, he is one bad motherfukker.
You fukker.
by BJOB O'Brien December 13, 2007
21 5
NOUN: an accomplished person.
did you see what that fukker ran in the 10k?
by aivojpejnel May 01, 2005
9 2