Fag Up Kid or Fagging Up Kids: source of new faggots
As faggotry is an evolutionary dead end many Fag Up Kids, F.U.K., instead of embracing reality.

Almost as evil as F.U.K. is sexualizing children by social policy especially heinous before puberty onset: encouraging children to be sexually active with other children is child abuse akin to pederasty. Embracing the potential to Fag Up Kids progressive administrations steal American's income to disperse "free" condoms.
#stop fuk #traumatizing children #genetic science #frustrated faggots #evolution #nature abhors faggotry #homosexuality truth #pederasty #socialism abuses kids #progressive administrations #free condoms #progressive fuk #fuk more #fuking evil #f.u.k. policy #obama fuker
by malignforce January 22, 2013
Top Definition
like "fuck" but with More Emphasis
What the fuk do ya think you're doing?!
#fuck #damn #dammit #holyshit #gawd
by Starchylde December 23, 2014
Like fuck but, you know, spelled wrong.
I forgot to press the "c" key, so I wrote "fuk."
by cellophane February 06, 2005
The word "fuk" is commonly used when you can't type "Fuck" in a mmorpg game.
noob:LOVEing lagg!LOVE tis lag! GM u LOVEer make me lost exp!
1337gamer:stfu noob!get a better connection u stupid fuk
noob:fuk u 1337gamer

#fuk #fuck #fark #fook #fug
by Merlion January 09, 2006
Fuck, but spelled without the c to avoid programs that bleep out typed curses... Also sometimes a simple typo.
What a sad fuk.
Fuk! *Fuck!
#typo #outrage #sympathy #annoyance #fuck
by Jummy93 July 25, 2006
A misspelling of the word "Fuck".
Fuk you.
by spikeboy March 27, 2004
One word that is edited by abbreviated hacker language It can, of course, be used in all the different grammatical forms, including:
Fuk:v. to fuck, adj. used in frustation
Fukin:adj. EX: i hate this fukin school
Fuked:v. to do someone, adj. despair
Fuker:n. someone that you really dislike
A Question: Wanna kno my fukin name
by Midwestrn Soldier October 18, 2004
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