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To take a young lady on a nice date, maybe to Olive Garden or Red Lobster. Chili's is acceptable if running low on cash. Panda Express does not count as a place to go on a first date. Also may be combined with a movie and ice cream.
Fuhk can never be confused with fuck. They are 2 completely different things.
Male #1: Dude, I totally wanna fuhk michelle.

Male #2: Yeah, I did last week, she never thanked me...

Male #1: huh? I meant I wanna get in her pants.

Male #2: Oh, thats called Fuck...stupid piece of shit.
by real life thesaurus December 06, 2011
alt spelling, so get around censors on online games. fuhk censors!
i dont give a fuhk
by Z O M B I E May 17, 2004
retard, idiot, something along those lines.

Also, fuhking: stupid, retarded, or irritating.
Did you see that guy staring at a wall? What a fuhk.
by NinjaGnomie April 27, 2011