a fugly retard who has no friends.
That one girl who walks around by herself must be a total fugtard.
by aliicarcc December 21, 2009
Top Definition
a fucking ugly tard-or retard, who is categorically stupid, deserving of the adverb fucking, and quite unattractive. Similar to fucktard, but not really.
That bitch-a slaggy cunt who slept with a man knowing full well he had an std, is a fugtard.
by therarestgemofall,ruby November 18, 2007
THe word is a combination of Fugly(coinicidentaly a combination of fucking and ugly) and retard-from Loyola HIgh School in L.A.
When vinnie said that NY was a republican state we was being a fugtard
by j dizzle November 27, 2004
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