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Where an individual has been traumatized in the genital area;(male). As a result of the trauma, the testicle then moves from the scrotum sack up to the mouth, usually in pieces with a root beer like consistency. The individual usually displays seizure like movements until the testicle has left the mouth.
My god you just gave jon the triplet a fuggle nut cody!
by Jamoocaba November 26, 2007
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A 4 inch long hair on a squirell nut sac. fuggle nuts
Dude look at that fuggle nuts!
by Pat Kouba November 30, 2006
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A pair of male genitalia that is in the form of "chicken mcnuggets" or is withered to the point of decay.
"Awwhh fugglenuts, why couldn't the show come to Los Angeles?"

"Your not a man! Not with the pair of fugglenuts you have in between your legs!"
by Arbee-tor January 26, 2012
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