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A fake - not authentic
Hey, I don't know, how da fuk you knew, that ring, was a fugazy...
I'll see ya tomorra!
by Thriller April 15, 2003
An old italian slang term for something that is FAKE!!
'That ID that you've got looks so fugazy, you'll never get in anywhere with that'

#fake #not real #make believe #bullshit #utter horseshit
by luckyman007 May 21, 2008
Something is fake, ultimately meaning jewelery.
"Hey cuntface, that ice you got is fugazy!"
by Kyle -k3- March 26, 2003
Fake, superfical
Look at this fugazy ass nigga, he think he the boss.
#not him #fake #superfical #wanna be #bopper
by johnny l. mack July 10, 2008
- Phony, Fake
- Not authentic
- Of artificial substance
She's fugazy. She talks about you behing your back then smiles in your face.
#fake #phony #fugazy #fugazzy #irrelevant
by Omalichanwa January 05, 2014
Down south word defining as bogus saying this could make you more cooler. Or if you didn't know this is the actually meaning.. Or also it means stupid
Me: Mom can I get 500$ dollars on my birthday?
Mom: Boy no we survivin off this welfare
Me: that's some bullshit that's fugazy as hell
Mom: boy watch yo mouth *slaps*
#fufu #bogus #flugazy #fugazy #stupid
by TheInformationThug April 29, 2014
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