Foo-gah-zi 1.When someone or something shows straight signs of weakness and/or has many flaws. 2. Someone or something that you dislike very much much. Food. Fugazers. Fugaga. Gaze.
Mike V is fugazi.

That party last night was straight food.
Fuck that kid yo, that shit he did yesterday was fugaga.
by Dabos June 28, 2009
British military slang for Fouled Up, Got Ambused, Zipped In (FUGAZI).
"I like breasts."
by scarlem June 14, 2003
When something is chill or good. The word is usually expressed with a peace sign.
Guys, I have ringworm but it's fugazi.
by bill nye loves eggs February 23, 2014
Jay-Z when he fell off after the Black Album. Combination of the words "Fucking Gay Jay-Z".
A - "You hear that D'Evils off of that Reasonable Doubt album? Lyricism is ridiculous son"
B - "For real, shit is forever a classic"

Ten years later.....

A - "My god, did you just hear Fugazi with Usher on Kingdom Come? Ugggh"
B - "Word, and wtf was that Hollywood joint with his girl? Fugazi needs to step it up or leave it alone! And he needs to be careful cos errybody knows Iverson crossed MJ after he came back (as reminded by Joey!)"
by ya boy23 March 23, 2008
Italian term for grabbing a man by his gonads and squeezing.
Thats a fugazi diamond. (When it was sold to you, it was like the seller grabbed you by the gonads and squeezed)
by Scunoology August 21, 2006
Code word sometimes used by boyfriends while in the prescence of their own girlfriends to point out a hottie. Ther girlfriends think they are actually insulting some nasty skank and think it's funny.
"look at that fucking fugazi"
by kaizersoze124 May 30, 2005
the greatest fucking band in the world.
aka minor threat on drugs
13 songs is fugazis greatest record.
by daimian August 09, 2004
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