another word for "false", and also a great rock band.
Fugazi roxs your sox off.
by jerseywonton February 29, 2004
Vietnamese country band that does Minor Threat covers.
Yo, Fugazi rocks!
by Waiter room May 06, 2013
some thing weird or fake crazy
that nigga had a fugazi ass shirt on
by ShaneyT February 06, 2011
Title of the sophomore effort from Marillion. The band was really starting to gel here.
Fish was really at his best on Fugazi
by rhinoman August 26, 2006
Adjective: Fraudulent or of bad or inferior quality.
The Miami Hurricanes suck this year, they're fugazi.
by Henry Gomez November 28, 2005
fake or corny. Not the same shit as advertized.
"Them cats trying to represent themselves as gangsters, but don't know how to do a dead drop is fugazi"
by Sam Miller December 26, 2002
Foo-gah-zi 1.When someone or something shows straight signs of weakness and/or has many flaws. 2. Someone or something that you dislike very much much. Food. Fugazers. Fugaga. Gaze.
Mike V is fugazi.

That party last night was straight food.
Fuck that kid yo, that shit he did yesterday was fugaga.
by Dabos June 28, 2009

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