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Fucked Up, Got Ambushed, Zipped In.
fugazi was used in the vietnam war, and the band fugazi is amazing...even tho when they named themselves fugazi they didn't know what it meant until later
a boy was drunk and got in a fight...
Passerby: whoa he just was fugazi
by larry November 24, 2003
226 220
Military slang from the Vietnam war. Fucked up, got ambushed, zipped in. Means got killed and zipped up in a body bag. Also used as a fucked up situation.
Man that meeting was F.U.G.A.Z.I.
by the_end May 30, 2007
27 28
fake, false, insubstantial, superficial (from Italian)
That bag of bones over there is totally fugazi.
by The Return of Light Joker June 14, 2011
10 17
Last song on the same titled second album by 80's prog-rockers Marillion
I think my fav album must be Fugazi by Marillion
by jocktw@ April 18, 2006
35 44
When something is chill or good. The word is usually expressed with a peace sign.
Guys, I have ringworm but it's fugazi.
by bill nye loves eggs February 23, 2014
3 16
Any thing that is fake.. a jersey a person.. anything
Tanner's Chris Webber jersey is fugazi
by #1 stunna May 03, 2004
24 36
Vietnamese country band that does Minor Threat covers.
Yo, Fugazi rocks!
by Waiter room May 06, 2013
0 13