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a word used to discribe Faith/Buffy fanfiction.
I read a really great fuffy fic last night.
by Vine February 21, 2004
a roudy animal who fallows its own rules and useually jokes around with other fuffys. Basicly they are to sexy, to cool, to fun, and to bad ass to mess with. They are great at video games.
dude I played one on one in halo against a fuffy dingo last night. I got my ass whiped!
by a fuffy turtle February 20, 2009
If someone says you have a fuffy that means you have a big soft butt
Damn girl you gotta fuffy!
by Mz. Minnie August 13, 2009
The properties exhibited by extremely soft skin (noun)
To feel the fuffy (see above) of another (verb)
Her skin is very fuffy (n)


Let me fuffy your soft skin (v)
by Womp every day June 30, 2011
Fuffy means I LOOVE you in a friend way
Oh yer so awesome I FUFFY YOU~
by Jessica Weber March 02, 2004
1.) n. discribing omonious flachulance
2.) a fart
Aww man! Did you fuffy??
by Thee Gbaites March 29, 2005
A sandy vagina
That ho is one fuffy-ass skank!
by dylan April 23, 2003

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