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The official name of Vic Fuentes and Jaime Preciado from Pierce the Veil as a couple. The term became popular for them during Warped Tour 2012 due to the highly noticeable amount of affection they began sharing on camera (in almost every interview during that time it was just them alone together instead of the full band, obviously meaning that they were trying to get some steamy alone time). Proof of their relationship can be seen in many photos and videos, including them hugging, holding hands, kissing eachother's hands, sitting on eachother's laps and even verbally hinting at their relationship, as seen in one interview where Vic was asked to introduce himself and name one random fact about himself, to which he answered with "Hey my name is Vic, uh, I sing in a band called Pierce the Veil and I'm, uh, in love with my friend Jaime!" after promptly grasping onto Jaime's forearm. Jaime is apparently more shy about their relationship at times, there being many moments where people have pointed it out and he became flustered. Tony Perry, the band's guitarist, is highly aware of their relationship and is usually the first person to notice when they do something romantic. Mike Fuentes, the band's drummer, however, is oblivious to it, it seems.
Sierra: Hey, what's your OTP Roxy?
Roxy: Fuenciado, of course!
by Victor Fuentes August 02, 2012
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