A male who enjoys compressing another males shit in his anal cavity
Elton John loves to compress his young boyfriends fudge!

Hes the biggest fudge packer ever!
by Paul Mol. March 20, 2006
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guys that take it up the ass...from other guys
'i told those fudge packers i listened to michael bolton!'
by cutpeetsacut October 23, 2004
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basicaly its a man who bends over and accepts another mans dick up his arse,
Josh- Hey Daryl did have have a fun time fudge packing Chris the fudge packer in his caravan? Daryl- fuck off
LUKE- Andrew u been fudge packing lately?
Andrew - yea with my dad
LUKE - errrrr
by B. J. Humberdink September 09, 2008
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A requirement to be on the NFL team the Green Gay Packers.
Sorry Sir you have to be a fudge packer to play on this team.
by SHAKEANBAKE August 14, 2006
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A man who engages in gay anal sex.
Did you just call me a fudge packer? I'm telling you I ain't gay.
by GuidoPosse69 January 29, 2005
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Fudge Packer fuhj pak-er

A person that is in charge of packaging the products that is made by a fudge factory

A person that is in charge of giving anal sex to either a female or bisexual or homosexual male. A person receiving the aforementioned would be considered a "fudge packee", again either by a dominatrix donning a strap on or a bisexual or homosexual male.
Selma: Hey Betty, what happens to the fudge after we are done making it?

Betty: Well, it goes right down there to the fudge packer.

Damn, I really want some anal sex bad. I should post an ad on craigslist to see if there are any fudge packers available. I sure do love them fudge packers. Oh yeah, fudge packers are the bomb!
by Dude Grease April 24, 2009
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Being gay with another man and getting poop on your penis.
"Hey look, Tom Cruse is a fudge packer".
by nicholas matthews April 28, 2010
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