An idiotic ignorant term that was coined to describe 'gay men'. The problem with this is that not ALL gay men *ahem* 'pack fudge' and that there plenty of straight couples who DO.

Anal sex is practiced by a varity of couples, not JUST gay men, and certainly not ALL gay men do so.
John "Oh well you know Jimmy and George from down the street? They're gay!"

Scarlet "So what?"

John "So that means they're fudge packers! Fucking nasty!"

Scarlet "Fudge packers? What does that mean?"

John "It means they have anal sex!"

Scarlet " and I had anal sex this morning you idiot! So I guess we're 'fudge packers' too aren't we?"

John "............Um...well....uh...."


Eric "What's sup bro, wanna play some video games?"

Gary "Not with you."

Eric "Okay...why not?"

Gary "Cause you're gay, and if you're gay, that means you have anal sex. You're a fudge packer! You probably wanna penetrate my ass right now."

Eric "....You're a fucking idiot. Just because I'm gay doesn't automatically mean I'm into anal sex you ignorant retard. It means I'm gay----------THAT'S IT. On top of that, I think anal sex is nasty so wanna try that again?

Gary "............"

Eric "And please don't flatter yourself with the assumption that I'd ever wanna fuck you. Get over yourself, you ain't no gay guys wet dream!"
by CShields October 16, 2011
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1) Someone who indulges in anal sex, normally a gay male, but not always so.
2) A machine used by Cadbury's to put bars of Fudge into boxes for distribution
3) The opperator of the above machine.
I'm a fudge packer, I pack fudge in boxes.
by black flag May 29, 2004
1.A term for a homosexual male alluding to the supposed tendancy of fecal matter to become compacted during male on male anal sex. Often it is considered a derogotory term applied to a homosexual male. Also called a donut-puncher, cork-soaker, coke-sacker, sock-tucker.
Clarence is a fudge-packer. He'd like to know if he can push in your stool.
by jp November 30, 2003
Also called ef-pea (f.p.)

Fudge packer, someone who packs fudge. Not at the chocolate factory, well maybe at a kind of chocolate factory.

Derogatory comment about being Gay.
Reference to someone who participates in anal sex.

Was used alot in the 80's, best example is from the movie "No Apparent Motive" starring Charlie Sheen, When the two cops discussing a murder that had occured at the "ENDZONE", a nightclub.

Also called ef-pea (f.p.)
Cop says to the other cop:
The ENDZONE, not a bad name for a fudgepacker bar.

I wouldn't mind packinn his/her fudge!
by Benjamin Werner February 02, 2006
Tom Cruise is a Fudge Packer.
Hey there Mr. Cruise I didn't know you were a Fudge Packer?
by CoUnMe April 21, 2010
One who possesses an instrument of penetration -- either organic or synthetic / metallic -- and proceeds to enter an anal orifice (N.B.: typically male to male, but male to female occassionally takes place; and, female to male / female possible with strap-on dildo or other device of sodomization) for purposes of self or mutual pleasure which, in effect, compresses or pushes in any fecal matter (i.e. "having your shit pushed in").

Conventional edible fudge can resemble feces and "packing" said fudge would require a confined space and a tool of insertion with which to vigorously and quickly reduce volume of liquid / semi-liquid such that the fudge is compressed into a container. As well, pressure may be equilibriated by means of retro-active movement into spaces beyond.
Well, yee-haw, young whipper-snapper that is about the finest job of fudge packing that I ever did see!

When gangstas be chillin', dey be thinkin' about the fudge packing that they surely perpetrated while incarcerated.

To gay boy: 'Hey Fudge Packer !!'
To homophobic redneck: 'You get hard when yous be watchin' Deliverance!'
by Clay Bertrand April 10, 2005
A man who likes to help Willy Wonka in ways the Oompa Loomas just can't.
Fudgepackers never make it on screen because they always come in the back door.
by Bobbert Bobbertsmithington August 14, 2008
One who enjoys trucking on the Hershey Highway
dude, have you been trucking again? my ass hurts.
by Zach May 29, 2003
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