A derogatory term used to describe those who participate in anal sex.
"I ain't going in that pub,it's full of fudgenudgers."
by Mugwump November 11, 2004
Top Definition
To drive the chocolate taxi up bournville boulevard. To hitch-hike to hershey hill.
"My name's David Hasselhoff, I'm a fudge nudger don't you know"
by stouffer and parp November 12, 2002
One who "nudges", as if gently (Yeah, Right), the proverbial anal fudge.
Jeff is such a freakin' fudge nudger, don't go anywhere alone with him.
by Steve January 06, 2003
someone who takes it up the bum eg. hetrosexual couples
your sucha fudge nudger
a fudge nudger
by Nat Cock June 04, 2007
an arse fcuker
one who likes to tickle the chocolate starfish, one who likes to go play the 18th hole.
by Dannyboy December 02, 2003
to nudge the fudge. to burgle the botty. to please the cheese.
david hasslehoff has nudged his fair share of fudge. what a fudge nudger. cried Bill
by Bob N That September 20, 2006

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