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Like Dude, only with a purposefully placed typo and slightly more 'hip' and 'edgier'. Goes with the culture of adding 'age' onto everything and misspelling words just because its 'ironic'.
"Fude! I'm just gonna roll down the street to pick up some converse, wanna come?"
by Who took my giraffe? May 21, 2008
an insult; a mixture of the words "fucking" and "rude".
Dude, Sara was being so fude to me last night.
by youareabeardo March 20, 2011
Fuck you dude.
Fude! You shouldn't be touching my girl's butt
by Sargoon25 December 28, 2013
its like foo dbut better
wen the prisoner got out of jail aand went to mcdonalds after eatin gruel 4 7 billion yrs he sed this is rly good fude
by Kenzalishous December 11, 2007
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