A person who is both lacking intelligence and human decency.
"Christian couldn't smart his way outta a wet paper bag. He's such a fuctard."
by wearingallblack October 12, 2003
A person who is "Fucked In the Head". A person who has a messed up view of the world.
Really? You are going to make fun of the guy with one leg who fought for your freedom? Are you that much of a fuctard?
by drakegreene June 21, 2012
used to describe a person -East TX originated-one can not function due to loss of sleep and brain cells
"Hey Uh UHmmm What ummmm dU was I looking for again"
"Ur Fuctard-ed!"
by B.C- August 06, 2012
adjective. A word that can either be loving or rude.
(loving) "Awwww, I love you my little fuctard!"

(rude) "Would you please quit being such a damn fuctard?!"
by aliceinwonderland14 March 24, 2009
Any clan of a chat room like the MBL Room 12 rejects,slim, mojo, badboy,gg, sweet, robin, liz, happy.
Those fuctards are like one big happy family!
by Moribund Infantia August 08, 2003
a retarded fucker...and my favorite word, which i thought i made up, but aparantly didnt
Mr. Dessaro! you fuctard!!

can also be spelled fucKtard
by maroo July 27, 2006
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