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1.A fuckxy lady is a thumb-up dirty class foxy lady
2.A bitch...
3.A topass bitch
4.A boobasss bitch
5.An easy going laid back woman or girl
6.A lady fake: a transgendered person(a fake lady who is to be fucked in her ass...)
7.A two thousands and eight foxy lady
8.Neil Young's electric guitaaar's name...
"What about Chelsee?"
"She is fuckxy!"
"What about her ma'?
"He is a fuckxy lady shit too!"
"Yu, biiitch!"
"Suck it babiii, come and git'me!"

"Remember at the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary when Neil took the solo at the end of 'My Back Pages'?"
"Sure do, that dude knew how to handle his fuckxy lady back then. That bitch was screaming her ass off. What a night!"
by Slangherinthenight April 04, 2008
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