When a situation arises where the exclamation of the word FUCK! is politically correct.
Oh my god my phones not letting me see my picturessss


No. Like its really okay..i just neeed a memory card...that really wasn't fuckworthy.
by eyVANN'E July 10, 2008
Top Definition
Worth of propagating with; someone that one believes to be beautiful (esp. carnally).
See also: hot, fine
"God, she's so fine! Totally fuckworthy."
"Alright, tell me: do I look fuckworthy?"
by technococcus December 20, 2004
A hot chick that has no other redeeming qualities other than her hotness; only worthy of sexual activity, not conversation or "quality time."
I went out with this girl who was totally fuck-worthy, but had nothing going on upstairs.
by Cactus Matt October 16, 2005
A person who is borderline attractive or ugly, yet is considered to good enough to have sex with.
A person who is backward and shy but one suspects that
there is an underlying, untapped, hidden wild nature in waiting.
After enough beers, by 3am most of the chicks left start to look fuck worthy.
Wendy in our office seem shy and reserved, but I bet she is a fuck worthy maniac in bed.
by badwsky October 03, 2009
A person who is considered to be worthy of having sex with, or a person who is so valued by another that the negative consequences of having sex is far outweighed by the benefits.
Dude, I don't fuck with anyone. I only fuck those who are fuckworthy.
by A.lex.I October 20, 2015
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