One who is so dim, he does his best to advertise the fact by choosing online names such as 'Buggerlugs' to describe himself.
Hi, I'm Buggerlugs, and I remain a fuckwit.
by Scientist July 13, 2005
a witless person who cudn't really giv a fcuk about anythin in life includin breathing,walkin,talkin,takin a bath etc etc!
the big fat sweaty non breathing (dead) delinquent didnt quite have the wit to fcuk!
by Mr t. urd September 05, 2003
Someone with way less intelligence (Wit) than you
Jenny - 2+2=7
Me/You - No, it's 4 you fucking fuckwit!
by H.Kay August 01, 2004
See also Fuckwit, doofus & tard for further definition.
by Bob Stains September 06, 2003
A real elmore, maroon, jackweed or botard. Clueless fucktard.
Dimwit doesn't do you justice. You are a fuckwit on speed.
by Gee Dubya September 26, 2007
see townie or bridget jones apparently?
by jimbob September 07, 2003
A dodgy looking fellow (or fellet) usually holding a pregnant gerbil and suffering form a interned eye. also talking very loudly on the phone on trains and quiet public places. Fuckwits are most famous for sending you and E-mail then immediately phoning you to tell you they have sent that email, then discussing with you the content of it. Hence there being no point of sending it
"hello steve im a fuckwit"
"pardon me sir but your a fuckwit"
by Bulldog_SHS October 07, 2006

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