another word for fucking nitwit
oh my god you're such a fuckwit
by Squilliam November 12, 2006
A disliked person who does stupid or irritating things.
The fuckwit cut me off at the intersection.
by m222 October 01, 2006
Someone of low intelligence, a complete and utter numb nut
"How the hell could you walk into that door?,you fuckwit!"
by Mishap. June 29, 2006
The language that kevs/chavs speak.
Hard to understand and incoherent.
Guy: Sorry, i don't speak fuckwit
by Kill chavs. Now. December 24, 2004
Literally, one whose wit (intelligence) is fucked. Generally used as a term of abuse.

See also fucker, wanker, politician, arsecandle
by Alien Entity September 22, 2002
1. A chav
2. A language based on "text speak" spoken by those with very limited intelligence (usually chavs)
1. Any burberry wearing individual with an attitude problem.
2. To speak fuckwit, e.g "cn u spk fukwit"
by Me April 01, 2005
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