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Terry Fuckwit - Classic comic strip from Viz magazine
Fuck me! It's Terry Fuckwit. What a fucking fuckwit!
by ChaoticBeauty September 08, 2003
Fuckwit is a person who care only about themselves and this is evident in their overall attitude toward everything and everyone else in their rudeness. A person who consistently fails to obtain any degree of 'clue', and basic intelligence.
They boast superior self knowledge but really has only a limited and/or skewed grasp of any subject, and tend to mispronounce or inappropriately use language, thinking the're 'clever'. Fuckwits always believe they have 'right of way', and are above everyone else in importance and intelligence, despite their inferior IQ.
David Van 'Fuckwit' Day
by leuben February 11, 2010
1. A chav
2. A language based on "text speak" spoken by those with very limited intelligence (usually chavs)
1. Any burberry wearing individual with an attitude problem.
2. To speak fuckwit, e.g "cn u spk fukwit"
by Me April 01, 2005
The language commanly spoken by chavs.
Basically consists of a few simple sentances such as "ya mum" and "ya startin"
Sometimes a smarter(used in the loosest context) chav can emalgimate these sentances into semi-coherent rambling i.e "ya startin, wot?, ya mum" but most chavs do not even possess the intilectual capacity to perform this simple action
PASSER-BY: *bumps chav*
PASSER-BY: sorry didnt see you there
CHAV: Na, wot ya startin dans
PASSER-BY: erm nothing *continues on way*
CHAV: Yeah walk away, innit
PAASSER-BY: *knifes scumbag chav, does world a favor*
by wtiger46 January 05, 2005
Someone completely devoid of clue or common sense. A person who makes you wonder how life can exist with people this stupid. See also: Josh Katz.
Josh: Aww =(
Me: Frown it up, fuckwit.
by CH January 30, 2004
Literally, one whose wit (intelligence) is fucked. Generally used as a term of abuse.

See also fucker, wanker, politician, arsecandle
by Alien Entity September 22, 2002
A fucking dimwit. Someone that has no clue (sometimes a retard ) They get the piss taken out of them, and sometimes act thick on occasions. Usually a nice person, but can be retarded or disabled.
Jimmy : Corr, its hot in here!
Jake : You fucking dimwit, its an oven!
Jimmy : I never knew that!
Jake : Well then your a bit thick then arent you, Fuckwit!
by Kieran Th July 20, 2006