an incredibly dimwitted person, completely devoid of intelligence. see tard.
Will: did you see what that guy just did?
Sam: what a fuckwit!
by Prosciutto Bellino January 17, 2004
A dodgy looking fellow (or fellet) usually holding a pregnant gerbil and suffering form a interned eye. also talking very loudly on the phone on trains and quiet public places. Fuckwits are most famous for sending you and E-mail then immediately phoning you to tell you they have sent that email, then discussing with you the content of it. Hence there being no point of sending it
"hello steve im a fuckwit"
"pardon me sir but your a fuckwit"
by Bulldog_SHS October 07, 2006
an utterly British word used to exhibit arrogance and a sense of superiority over the intended victim of this jagged barb,but instead it comes off as though the hurler of this epithet has a severe inferiority complex

comparable to the word yank
American (in a sarcastic tone): "oh yes you are sooo superior,you're wit is amazing"..."what?"..."oh yes YANK,would you like one"?..."go ahead,have a yank"..."YANK this"!!
any tipe of townie fucking scum
"wow look at that solid townie".
"yeah what a fuck-wit".
by left hand man September 22, 2003
Verb. abbreviation for "fuck with".
"Yo, don't fuckwit my shit."
"We goin cross town to fuckwit these bitches."
by jdwiskey1978 December 06, 2005
1. A person, or people whose intelligence stems from an immoral place. (Usually referring to the rich/ upper class/aristocratic.)
2. The constant lack of distinction from right and wrong.
3. Consistently making the wrong/ bad/ immoral decision. (Especially when referring to means of achieving financial gain or status.)
a. The dirty politician is a "fuckwit" for stuffing the ballot box.
b. Achieving success through "fuckwitted" means.
c. His "fuckwit" father knew the game was fixed.
Fuck*wit: bad* wit,
fucked* intelligence,
A “fucked up” form of cleverness.
A “messed up” way of thinking.
by Bea February 17, 2005
any living organism capable of rationalisation skills but rather chooses to put aside any common sense and reason and mindlessly fucks-up (blunders and turns to shit) everything this waste of life and bane on existance happens upon. such entities often times also possess tendencies to verbalize and promote their opinions,thoughts,and feelings as though they were rules of nature and uncompromising truths and universal fact
some fuckwit sideswiped my car today while it was parked inside the garage blamed global warming and the gay agenda.

my fuckwit nephew knocked-up both his sister twice last year.
by grandmakunt June 10, 2016
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