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an undesirable individual; someone of inferior intellect; often used following a grievous mistake.
jesus you're such a fuckwipe -- i don't have insurance.
by burn newncan February 15, 2005
A stupid dumbass that cannot think for themself. Someone that you have to spoonfeed through each step of any process.

Turn on the computer you fuck wipe.

Shirly blew our cover, stupid fuck wipe.
by PC HELP June 25, 2007
1.When your fraustrated becuase someone called you an asswipe ad you can think of anything better but to put fuck in front of wipe.
2.A moist towlet used to clean up an area were people have had sex
3.A person that cleans up seamen.
1.Bob:you are such an asswipe
Tim:Yah... well you are a fuckwipe
2.Ugh... Only a fuckwipe can clean this stain.
3.Where the hell is that fuckwipe? He should have cleaned this pillow a moment a go.
by L2L1 March 26, 2005

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