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1. Simply a deregatory name to call your dumbass friend when he does something retarded.

or 2. M-M-F threesome.
1. "Nice going, fuckwich".
2. "I wanna make a fuckwich out of xxxx and xxxx".
by Ciarra July 14, 2005
1)Being stuck in the middle of two bad things, or 2)having two bad things happen in a row.
Man I {in Mario Kart} got blue shelled then lightning bolted, it was a total fuckwich! (Original inception of the word)
by Squee45 August 17, 2009
A mystical sandwich that grants the finder blowjobs! Incidently the perfect last minute gift!
"Wow this fuckwich feels great on my long shlong!"
by The allpowerful Anus February 04, 2010