One who is an annoying moron.
Guy 1: "Oh, dak!"
Guy 2: "You, sir, are a fuckward."
by Jerry D May 09, 2003
Top Definition
In the process of or heading toward the direction of being fucked.

A place that is messed up or ass backward.
I spent all my money, therefore I am going to be in a fuckward situation when I have to pay my car insurance.

I go to a fuckward school, in a fuckward town, full of fuckward people..
by Umbrica September 14, 2006
Essentially a fucking retard. Mostly encountered in the depths of tumblr or really just the internet in general. Even here, you've got these asswipes posting definitions for their own name or people they hate and either sucking their own dick or ranting about someone else. On top of that, even more fuckwards upvote that shit, so it ends up on the site for the whole fuckin' world to see. Great job volunteers, just fuckin' great.
Common species of Facebook Fuckward: 'Deer skool, y u exizt? suncerly, me nd evry1 else.'

No, that's a real fucking post. People like this breathe our oxygen.
by Senpai Hunter August 16, 2015
A backward/messed up situation, place or thing.
Person A: My school suspended me yesterday because my friend skipped school.
Person B: You go to a really fuckward school, don't you?
by Umbrica September 16, 2006
Fuckward is the feeling experienced after fucking someone for the first time, and having it be incredibly awkward after.
Yeah, so Beth and I got really drunk the other night and ended up bumping It was really fuckward.
by 0nrush July 30, 2011
Messed Up....
"so i told that fuckward nicole to shut up about her damn horse"
by Christal May 22, 2003
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