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2.a fuck waffle can also be a term for a sexual postion.Its when you have a threesome aka two guy one girl and the girl is in the middle.
3. a phrase used in anger at anything at anytime.
get out of my way you fuckwaffle
"hey you want to fuckwaffle"
ow! fuckwaffle
by alumnit staff April 22, 2004
1. Singular noun. A person who makes unreasonable demands without warning or any semblance of forward planning. Usually endowed with an annoying voice which generates sensations similar to those caused by a steel brush applied to the inner ear.

2. Plural noun. The occasional batch of waffles that arrives deformed, shrunken, shriveled, or otherwise generally fucked. These ruin one's breakfast, and occasionally, one's entire marriage. Known to taste disconcertingly of intercourse.
1. (person a): Woohoo! Five minutes to closing time! Guess I can gather my murse together. I'm going to go home and bone my beard.

(person b, aka fuckwaffles): I need five hundred copies of this picture of my pet armadillo, Mr. Snuzzles. Now! Make them double-sided, laminated, and print every other copy on puce paper.

(person a): fuckwaffles.

2. (Steve): Gee, Bob, you look pretty worn down today. Did you eat a balanced breakfast like I told you to?

(Bob): Well I tried, Steve, but my wife made me the fuckwaffles again, and it made me feel a little gay today.

(Steve): Ooh, burn, dude. Didn't you warn her about those?

(Bob): Twice. Once with my words. This time with my fist.
by zapfdingus February 25, 2010

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