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that annoying little shit who thinks he's bigger and better than everybody, when in all actuality he's the worst.
The pitcher on their baseball team is such a fuckwad, considering they lost 17-0.
by butchick September 10, 2004
Jonah Golberg, or any other conservative pundit incapable of rational thought. Also known as a "doughy pantload".
Jonah Goldberg is such a fuckwad for comparing liberals to Nazis.
by Manila Ryce December 28, 2007
A dumbass, someone who deserves to be shot, slow.
You fuckwad, get a life.
by Carlo Baker April 02, 2005
A wad of fuck.

ADJ. An uneducated twitty jackass who is unpleasant to interact with.
'Oh my God, Ezekiel is such a fuckwad. He stole my pie!'
by Mark November 29, 2004
it means you big dumb ass or lil fag
like when some is being a total ass you call them a fuck wad
by abigale knutson December 16, 2004
a person who does something incredibly stupid or rude
My boyfriend is such a fuckwad! He slept with another girl!
by Courtney January 23, 2003
n. a balled up bunch of tissues used to clean up the ensuing remnants of sex.
Alex: Dude, I know you slayed her on my bed. And you didn't even wash my sheets. Nasty, man!

Jeremy: What are you talking about. There's no way you can prove it.

Alex: Bro, I don't leave my fuckwads in my trash can, you rtard. So that leaves one other person...mad props for boning Emily though...she is sweet.

Jeremy: You get my bed next weekend dude!
by Pihmpdaddi October 10, 2006