You're a complete fuckwad for actually reading this :]
I can't believe you clicked it, fuckwad.
by Roselie April 19, 2009
Ejaculate, usually used in insults
See cum and wad
Eat my fuckwad, asshole!
by Rusty Nail August 06, 2005
that annoying little shit who thinks he's bigger and better than everybody, when in all actuality he's the worst.
The pitcher on their baseball team is such a fuckwad, considering they lost 17-0.
by butchick September 10, 2004
Jonah Golberg, or any other conservative pundit incapable of rational thought. Also known as a "doughy pantload".
Jonah Goldberg is such a fuckwad for comparing liberals to Nazis.
by Manila Ryce December 28, 2007
A dumbass, someone who deserves to be shot, slow.
You fuckwad, get a life.
by Carlo Baker April 02, 2005
A wad of fuck.

ADJ. An uneducated twitty jackass who is unpleasant to interact with.
'Oh my God, Ezekiel is such a fuckwad. He stole my pie!'
by Mark November 29, 2004
a person who does something incredibly stupid or rude
My boyfriend is such a fuckwad! He slept with another girl!
by Courtney January 23, 2003

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