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Any person saying something or partaking in an act deemed stupid, unnecessary, racist, sexist or completely idiotic.
Look at that fuckwad running around and rubbing peanut butter on his chest
by Ryno[wicked] November 26, 2009
7 8
dork;someone who screws up alot
Now look what you've done, David, you FUCKWAD!!
by dcMichael November 30, 2007
34 37
A person who is not good enough to be a dick. You are just the shit that comes out the end of it.
My husband is such a fuckwad.
by Queen of the Cave August 13, 2009
5 9
Jonah Goldberg, writer of the hilariously inept Liberal Fascism.
"Did fuckwad finally settle on a title for that piece-of-shit book he's writing?"

"Yes. The fuckwad. It's out now and he's having a hard time getting anyone to take it seriously."

"Who'd take fuckwad seriously?"

"His mom. Maybe."
by Righteous Bubba January 08, 2008
197 202
The end result of coitus left in the middle of the bed. The combined fluids that remain on the sheets after sex.
After we got done humping the hell out of each other, neither one of us wanted to feel the cold fuck wad on our backs. So we both slept on our sides.
I couldn't believe the number of fuck wads my guests left on my spare bed!
by The Big Dadu August 05, 2008
12 19
You're a complete fuckwad for actually reading this :]
I can't believe you clicked it, fuckwad.
by Roselie April 19, 2009
6 16
Ejaculate, usually used in insults
See cum and wad
Eat my fuckwad, asshole!
by Rusty Nail August 06, 2005
13 27