short form of "you Fucking Twat"
How do ya like that, Fucktwat
by the gun show October 07, 2005
Top Definition
A really douchey, asswipish person who is really dumb, and really arrogant at the same time. A big, annoying twat.
Barry Bonds is a fucktwat.
by rapsux May 06, 2005
One who is extremely arrogant while also extremely retarded at the same time. Can also be used as a derogatory term to describe people you simply don't like.
"Hey do you know Blade?
"Yeah, that Blade is a real fucktwat."
by Carl123456 July 13, 2006
A complete douche bag idiot. Similar to fucktard
That fuck twat just took the last beer.
by Maggie_33 May 27, 2006
A person of the female gender that is a jerk or complete moron.
"She actual said she was better then me because she weighs 120 pounds." "What a fucktwat".
by iublondie25 May 19, 2011
Someone who is real full of themself, but is a huge fucking loser at the same time. Everyone hates this person, but this person does not know it.
Dan McFaggy is a huge Fucktwat.
by M.L.B. September 20, 2007
A lying-ass, cheating-ass, heartless man-whore who dates multiple girls at once.
"Do you know Stephen Sattler?" "Yeah, that fucktwat?"
by Tweetybird12345 October 21, 2015
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