Programmer's Definition - A unit of measurement used when a new very large amount of storage or space is introduced into an environment that desperately needed it. This usually results in an increase in speed, performance and even happiness in some cases.
IT Manager: "Did that extra 8GB of RAM help your laptop gain performance?"

Programmer: "It helped me a Fuck Ton. My laptop can actually run 3 Instances of Visual Studio 2010, SSMS and a bunch of other programs simultaneously on Windows 7 now. It runs a Fuck Ton faster since you gave me a Fuck Ton more memory."

IT Manager: "You should have asked sooner."

Programmer: "I have only been asking since I got this business class laptop that only had 4GB of Memory on it; that you provided me and expected me to program on."

IT Manager: "Stop complaining..."
by dyslexicanaboko November 22, 2011
Top Definition
1: n. A very large amount. 2: Very heavy unit of measure. 3: A futon sofa that is used for sexual purposes.

Syn: assload, fuckload, shitload, shitton, beaucoup

Ant: jack shit
1. I can't go clubbing tonight, I have a fuckton of work on my puter.

2. Yo dude, that bitch gotta be sportin 17 fucktons.

3. Hey homey, you don't wanna plant your ass there. There's a shitload of Santorum on the fuckton.
by Marc December 11, 2003
1) An unimaginable amount of something; so much of an object, item, or substance that it is immeasurable.
2) A lot more than an 'Ass Load' or 'Shit Ton'
There are an assload of cum sluts at Pitt University, but a fuck ton go to Florida State
by cojack June 02, 2005
The mass of a Dyson sphere. That is, the amount of matter required to construct a sphere around the sun. It is assumed that the sphere has as little thickness as possible.
A fuckton of iron has been calculated to be 8.806 * 10^21 kilograms of iron, or 1.941 * 10^22 pounds of iron.
by MK GT FKT October 29, 2004
A great amount of something.
Lets go to the Waffle house and get a fuck ton of hash browns.
by KIT CLOUD July 25, 2003
Fuck-ton is used to express an outrageous amount of something.
Quite a bit more than a Shit Load or a Shit-ton.
I just got hit for a Fuck-ton of damage.
by shinakuma November 04, 2004
A measurement used to describe theoretical objects. Equal to exactly 2 Shitloads + 12 Assload.
Wow, there is a Fuckton of of idiots here.
by Motehr Fucker, I'm Awesome October 27, 2011
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