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Refers to a group with disproportionate power and influence over society. Synonymous with Plutocracy
Joe - "Another Bush in the White House? That's the third one!"

Alex - "Yeah, I know. I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired of being screwed by the fucktocracy that is the Bush clan."
by knowmaddd March 24, 2011
a sense of power or prestige built on having screwed other people (either literally or figuratively) within a bureacracy or group.
example 1: Even if the boss likes you, you won't get promoted unless Bob from HR likes you. Otherwise he'll find a way to screw you out of the job. He's got his own little fucktocracy going.

example 2: In our dorm, Stacy gets what she wants from both the men and the women. All the guys want to fuck her and she'll fuck over the women by having sex with their boyfriends if they cross her. She's queen of her own little fucktocracy.
by Steve from Corporate January 20, 2012
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