much, much worse
I'm falling from this building. But what is even fuckter is that I am completely engulfed in flames.
by anoriginalname June 26, 2009
Top Definition
A term meaning worse off, more uniquely screwed up, when something is of a higher state of disorder than, when much to your displeasure something is totally beyond your control, or simply when something "more fucked than" a stated alternative.
I left my first wife for her best friend after she and I went unescorted on a cross country trip. You know whats fuckter? They are both still good friends.

While doing research in the holding tank back in my drinking days, I met a guy who was sitting at an intersection legally stopped and was hit broadside by an out of control police car involved in a high speed chase. Because he had two empty and 4 full beers in the car, he got arrested. Nothing is more fuckter than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Situation very chaotic in the ER last night as Paris Hilton was in a car accident and brought in for observation. If she had a concussion, how would you know? Nothing could be fuckter than trying to diagnose her for concussion.
by WinningAttitude March 20, 2007
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