An object or event which is greater than or equal to sex.
John: This soup is fucktastic

Kari: Alice in Wonderland is the most fucktastic disney movie.

by bcfinley122 March 02, 2009
Refers to a girl who is particularly voluptuous.
Blond-haired, big breasted Becky is fucktastic.
by Zorro January 08, 2004
fucktastic in otha words means you jus got done having sex and someone asked you how it was
how was it? o it was just fucktastic
by Allison B. January 22, 2005
first used by the lead singer of the retro-punk band redwood during a gig in 2005 where the power died in the middle of the gig

a contraction of fucking fantastic
(power dies mid set)
Talyn: well this is just fucktastic now what are we supposed to do????!!!!!!
by Talyn sun January 31, 2008
when something is awesome, knarley, penisish, rock asstic. a really great thing, idea, person.
Did you see that guy's abs? He's fucktastic!
by brittany February 25, 2005
like craptastic but used in a worse situation.
That was just fucktactic!
by r3n October 28, 2002
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