fucktastic is when something is so awesome its to hard to describe.
this icecream is fucktastic!!!
by owlzrokz September 27, 2009
FUCKtastic is like fantastic but so much better.
its when you are so happy, instead of saying fucking fantastic, you just say FUCKtastic.
You can even say it when you have an orgasm, or better, a RAWRgasm :)
1: Holy shit!! he just got hit by a car!
2: HAH!! Thats FUCKtastic!!!!!

1:RAWR!!! give it to me!!! i want a RAWRgasm!!!
2: AHH!!! thats FUCKtastic!!!
by KaylaKakes :))) June 29, 2009
f'n great, just incredible
You look fucktastic today
by Judith Drayer July 20, 2006
equivalent to fantastic...fuck just make it sound more appealing
man that was FUCKTASTIC
by Shajahan Shaharia May 24, 2006
something that is beyond just being fantastic with "fuck" being added to it.
Bob: How are you today John ?

John : Im Fucktastic Bob
by WurdBurd November 02, 2014
1. Shitty, terrible.
2. When something is so fucked up that “fantastic” is not sarcastic enough to suffice.
Even though I got an A last semester, my grade in calculus has been steadily declining this semester. Fucktastic!
by invenoveritas March 24, 2011
showing great enjoyment for someone or something
1. That food tasted fucktastic.
2. She is just a fucktastic person.
by John Caboose October 23, 2008

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