A word used in place of saying "fucking fantastic." Usually used in a sarcastic manner.
The chemistry test is today?? Fucktastic.

"Dude, there's a cop chasing us!"
by May1099 November 15, 2013
When things are just so fantastic that you wannna fuck...
Im feeling alitttle fucktastic tonight if ya know what i mean (;
by Yo Momma dont love you. April 04, 2012
Fantastic in a fucking awesome way!
The fact that school is out is fucktastic!
by CrazyAssCowboy June 01, 2011
A word that describes something so cool it cant be comprehended, so it needed it own damn word.
Holy hell! Today was fucktastic!
by DeffinitlyNOTjoe March 02, 2011
A REALLY SALTY(hot) guy that's both HUNG & FANTASTICALLY SKILLED in bed. OR just a general session of sexual Olympics that was heavenly.
" Soooo girl how was your date last night?? " Smiling shyly "ohhhh it was just FUCKTASTIC!!!" =)*
by MightyAphrodite9 July 31, 2010
used to describe the greatness of something (mainly sex). Fucktastic is only to be used when the greatness of something excels that of a fan-fucking-tastic thing.
Fucktastic is mainly used in the describing of a sexual encounter, stating that it was unbelievably good
Man, that chocolate soup is fucktastic
by Big Fella1 June 06, 2010
1.)its when you fuck some one and it tastes good.
2.) A word i use around my friends when something is gay
1. John " You got Becky last night? "
Paul " Oh Yeah, it was fucktastic"

2.) Polly " Eewy look theres TJ!"
Sue " Oh gross, that's fucktastic"
by Cuppycakesxxrawr December 01, 2009

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