A goodie-goodie fucking retard. The kind of person you just want to smack upside their head.

Fucking+ retard+ fruitcake/sour-ass (goodie-goodie)
That new kid Pip is such a no-good goodie-goodie fucktart. I want him to die.
by Jequita the Awesome January 25, 2008
Top Definition
A FUCKTART is someone who leaves you with literally a sour taste in your mouth after they leave your presence and who generally needs to have themselves FUCKED.
I was just in a meeting with Tibirius... he's a real FUCKTART!
by Jenny Malkona July 24, 2002
A fucktart discribes a worthless individual who, for some reason, you find yourself going back to time and time again. Someone who should be removed from the planet for the sake of all decent human beings. Someone who is a fucking idiot yet you enjoy sleeping with them.
aka fucktart
"Jesus, Matt you're a fucktart. Lets go back to your place."
by betrayedbyyou November 26, 2007
A dumb asshole.
In middle school, since this kid John forgot my first name, he called me by my middle name. John was a fucktart.
by tutti12 March 23, 2011
used when someone acts as, or is being a "fuck tart" or "fucktart" not to be mistaken for a toaster pastry.
you fuck tart
by Monkey Man April 07, 2003
its like a jackass and a mother-fucker and joey wright
by Billiam mcCosby September 25, 2004
an extreme dumbass or asshole
Why are you always such a f uck tart?
by Mr. Tyler F January 05, 2008
Synonymous with 'asswipe'. A word that describes a stuck-up, know-it-all adulterer.
This guy Jim, he is a real fucktart.
by Bruce Gallos July 24, 2002

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