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Noun?? The mental state immediatly after really great sex. Charactoristic of acting silly, goofy, being clumsy or just generaly in a silly mood following awesome sex due to lots of endorphines running rampit throughout the brain. To be fucked stupid.
That sex was sooo great, afterwards he was acting fucktarded.
I fucked her so hard, afterwards she was fucktarded.
That goofy dance he does after we have sex is so fucktarded.
by Silly Fuck June 23, 2010
When something is fucking retarded something earier to say is, fucktarted, and alot cooler.
Also fun to say.
ex1;Man this class is so fucktarded.
ex2; Wow that had to be the most fucktarded movie ever!
ex3; Your such a fucktard.
by fdhgs August 21, 2008
when your beyond retarded and dumb ass a motherfucker
Hell that fool is fuckin fucktarded
by Big Slim August 15, 2004
(verb) - to get extremely shitfaced and/or wasted. this can be achieved through alcohol or drugs or both.
Let's get so fucktarded that we don't remember where we parked the car.
by miskusi September 14, 2006