When something is beyond retarded. It's like retarded times 10.
That's the most fucktarded show I've ever watched.
by BigMike72 November 18, 2013
Top Definition
A stronger insult than 'retarded,' but a little less politically incorrect, and a tad more vulgar.
You remember the Virtual Boy? Yeah, that thing was fucktarded.
by J. Sizzel December 22, 2004
A basterized version of "fucking retarded."
"Dude that guy's sense of humor is fucktarded."
by Zeeky H. Bomb April 02, 2005
1.A situation, person, or thing that is both fucked up and retarded simultaneously 2. combining the phrase "fucking retarded" into one word, similar to "fugly" combining the two-word phrase "fucking ugly"
Many song and movie remakes are critically acclaimed, while those who think contrary claim remakes are fucktarded.

You'd be surprised how many fucktarded by-laws there are in your province/city/district which were passed long ago when they were relavent to ongoing issues.
by Nicholas M February 01, 2007
1. something so stupid, it is beyond retarded. 2. The most screwed up thing you have ever seen in your life
1. Why did you leap off the roof? That was fucktarded! 2. I paid 6000 dollars in taxes this year! That's fucktarded!
by Sam Bowles June 04, 2007
exhibiting behavior that is indicative of low IQ, maturity, or merely causing another inconvenience. Also used as a noun (fucktard). A person who is fucktarded is typically a person who causes much anguish in others and tends to be the object of much ridicule.
Those stupid fucktarded children cause all sorts of mayhem, making a mess out of everything.
by _| 0 E May 10, 2008
something so messed up that it is beyond stupid
That new policy is just fucktarded.
by insatia August 20, 2003
When someone reaches in his pants and scratches his nuts and then slaps a fucktard in the face with the same hand...
You have just been fucktarded!
by Skyler Deer Bitch! August 12, 2004
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