A word combining the two words; Fuck and retard, not offending people with MR. Meaning fucking retarded or fucking retard. Also pronounced as fucktarded.
"Dude I tripped up my stairs at home and knocked out my teeth!" "Dude you're fucktarded, you fucktard!"
by Ben Coyer May 24, 2008
Noun. A fucktard is a short, lazy way of calling someone a fucking retard.

"Man, learn to drive you fucktard!"
by Ashley RH May 23, 2008
A combonation of "fuckin retard" into one easy to use package
That guy thinks he's cool but he makes himself look like even more of a total fucktard by acting that way.
by Howieee May 14, 2008
An extremely fucking retarded person
Jim is such a fucktard!
by Scootdigity May 10, 2008
Someone who is undoubtedly, a fucking retarded.
Dude did you see that chick walk into the wall? What a fucktard...
by Evie Shak April 12, 2008
a fucking retard, morethen a retard but not quite a shittard!!!
when ur dumbass friend decides she wants to drink under age, thats a fucktard move.
by gossiplove429 April 12, 2008
some one so mother fucking retared you wonder how they get dressed in the morning.
dude why are you such a fucktard
by bob the mailman March 13, 2008

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