an total fuckin retard
john mother fuckin kerry
Someone who doesn't know how to spell Internet
by fartknocker March 27, 2003
Two Fucking Retards who are retarded
Andrew and Taylor are two fuck-tards
by SAMIMITCHELL December 04, 2005
A mentally disabled person usually exploited in a sexual manner.
For twenty dollars, Ricky said he would allow us to tag team his sister Wendy. However, we must take care not to break her wheelchair again. I quite fancy that fuck tard.
by Madlinx May 29, 2005
someone that is annoying or just lame
"god garath ball is a FUCK TARD!"
by FLiX July 03, 2002
Caboose...that's it... just "Caboose"
Caboose, you team killing fucktard
by Micah October 22, 2003
1.A retard that still manages to get in a fuck or two

2. A wad of shit
1. Me: Yo that guy is a fuck tard
Bob: I envy him.

2. Me: Yo, I dare you to eat that fuck tard
You: fiiinnnneeee
by gordon March 08, 2005

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