The lack of imagination in the definitions for this word is astonishing to me.

A fucktard is a metally and/or physically retarded person who is used by a non-retarded person for sexual gratification.

To call someone a fucktard is a vicious (and perhaps hilarious) insult because it is so spectacularly degrading. When you call someone a fucktard, you are not merely calling him or her a complete idiot, you are further implying that he or she is a kind of deranged whore who deserves the sexual degradation of being used as a sort of "human blow-up doll" (even as he or she might not even have the mental capacity to understand the sex acts that are performed on her or his possibly deformed body).

There is the additional repulsive dimension of possible sexual slavery on the part of the helpless or low-functioning retarded person.

People with Down's Syndrome might make especially good fucktards because they appear to be so affectionate, happy, and pliant.

Consider the following awful scenarios the next time you call someone a fucktard:
I'm so horny, but who has time to pick up women? I'm going to go down to the adult daycare and get me a fucktard.


I got a new fucktard that I keep locked up in my bedroom closet.


This new fucktard I found is blind in one eye, so I can pop out her glass eye and skull fuck her.
#mental retardation #deformity #down's syndrome #sex slave #insult #degradation
by vicious asshole January 12, 2009
Shorter form of Fucking Bastard

Fucking + Bastard = Fucktard

A person who is extremely stupid and hated.
You are nothing but a Fucking Bastard.

I hate you, fucktard.
#stupid #hated #moron #nerd #no-sociable-person
by Angel Of Kaos October 13, 2005
a completely retarded and fucked up person who is quite cool in a weird way, just because they are fucked up and retarded!
me:who's that reatrded guy shitting his pants?
bal:he looks totally fucke dup.
me:that is soooooo cool....
bal:he is fucktarded
by sana the slug July 10, 2005
The person who has just fucked a retard
Have you seen my baseball?
You fucktard!
by Mike December 02, 2004
(noun); A child born retarded due to incestuos mateship.
that guy out of radiohead, looks like a fucktard.
by Kayno McGrano October 26, 2004
A abrivation of they word:

Fucking Retard
Justin baker is such a Fuck-Tard... He cant even play Guitar properly...
What a Fuck-Tard...
#fuck-tard #fucking #retard #retarded #fuck #tard
by JB_the_fuck-tard July 10, 2008
an abbreviation for f-cking retard that keeps you form wasting your breath on a f-cking retard
"What a f-cking retard!"


"What a Fucktard!"
#retard #fuck #stupid #slow #extra
by Jessica Obregon September 05, 2007
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