1. Fuckin' retard
2. A really stupid and/or mean, horrible person
1. Sally is such a fuck-tard!
2. Jon is such a fuck-tard! (In this case "Jon" is a racist)
by Michele B March 22, 2008
Someone really stupid.
Ryan: 2+2 = 4
Jesse: Stfu you FUCKTARD
by Shrt August 16, 2007
somone who is a complete fuckin retard
Dude Pat Langland is such a fucktard.
by greggy baby May 24, 2007
an extreamly retarded person.
-dude i just sold my pokemon cards on eBay!
-you're such a fucktard.
by gecko13 October 01, 2006
A Fucking Retard, often associated with jackass, or the Anarchist cookbook.

Someone that heats gasoline.

Someone that huffs and then lights a cigarrete.

Someone that uses the Anarchist cookbook to make their food.

Someone that is a complete fucktard.

A Fucking Fucktard.

by Travis J.U. June 13, 2006
A person who sprains a part of their body as a result of assanine handstands.
That girl is such a fucktard, she fell doing a handstand the other day and now she's on crutches.
by Palmingo April 03, 2006
A person who pretends to be what they are not in real life on the internet. Obese women who pretend to be thin by posting fake pictures of themselves in internet profiles. Homosexual closet cases who take advantage of obese women.
Look at that fucktard pretending to be thin. We all know she's fat.
by Platoday March 23, 2006
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