(noun); A child born retarded due to incestuos mateship.
that guy out of radiohead, looks like a fucktard.
by Kayno McGrano October 26, 2004
A abrivation of they word:

Fucking Retard
Justin baker is such a Fuck-Tard... He cant even play Guitar properly...
What a Fuck-Tard...
by JB_the_fuck-tard July 10, 2008
an abbreviation for f-cking retard that keeps you form wasting your breath on a f-cking retard
"What a f-cking retard!"


"What a Fucktard!"
by Jessica Obregon September 05, 2007
1)Any one who you find rather annoying when intoxicated due to their lack of self controll and ability to always make a fool of them selves
2) Any person you find to be stupid even when alcohol or any other substance has been induced upon the body
Scott is a real fuck tard, as he spewed every where and wouldnt stop trying to get down that chicks pants.
by Sarah June 19, 2006
verb. the act of fucking hard in the south
He clarence what did you do with your sister last night ? We fucktard.
by reggie June 29, 2004
one who is a retard in the fucking (sexual) department.

He tried to fuck her in the ear... What a fuck tard!!!
by laurie hurrell June 07, 2007
compound word for "fucked hard"

fucked + hard = fucktard
Man, me and Maria fucktard last night, she can barely walk.
by J-Fresh January 22, 2005

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