A person who uses "gay", "faggot", "queer" and any other phrase pertaining to homosexuality. Fucktards usually spell many words in their sentence fragments.
Many preps are fucktards.
by Jesus March 27, 2003
the fat, ugly, repulsive, being that you see when you finally drag your lazy acne covered ass out of bed in the morning.
"nice to see you again fucktard"
by berverse March 25, 2003
implesurable person... yeah.
starla called me a fucktard!
by Poiso41 January 08, 2003
the most retarded word ever! a combination of fuck and retard, not very often used but still an abbreviation for the phrase "fucking retard". this term is used by morons!
conversation after school(abbreviations used for names):

c- bla, bla, bla, bla....
z- o my god c. your such a fuck tard, haw haw haw haw!
a- god z. get a new dictonary
by ma.c June 03, 2008
To have a junnie moment or say/do sumthing stupid
Fucktard: When ever junnie speakes or someone says/does something junnie whould do/say.
by dontee May 15, 2008
when having sex with a retard then regret it
or a guy that cuts you off
"i cant belive i did that, im such a fuck tard."
by stuntman lou April 15, 2008
well this guy, hes SO retarded he dyed his hair red and denied it, and he was on a field trip singing centerfold. EVERYONE agrees that he is a fucking retard, or a fucktard.
hey fucktard, go suck a dick.
by Samu3l March 27, 2008
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