one that is really fucking retarded
Chody is a fuck-tard, he shorted out missy's classroom.
by The Klan Members May 21, 2005
fucking retard
popularized by the boys at
you shot church you team killing fucktard! (Tucker yelling at Caboose)
you cockbiting fucktards! (Tex yelling at reds after they damaged her speech unit)
by ff8 July 10, 2004
1) Fucking retarded
2) One who is fucked up and retarded
Hey shithead! You're fucking cds skip you fucktard
by Pixie August 02, 2003
one who fucks retardedly or has a tendancy to be so bad in bed that they are called fuck tardz
yo u mo fo u fuckin fucktard u suck asss in bed!
by jimmy lee April 16, 2003
Shorter form of Fucking Bastard

Fucking + Bastard = Fucktard

A person who is extremely stupid and hated.
You are nothing but a Fucking Bastard.

I hate you, fucktard.
by Angel Of Kaos October 13, 2005
a completely retarded and fucked up person who is quite cool in a weird way, just because they are fucked up and retarded!
me:who's that reatrded guy shitting his pants?
bal:he looks totally fucke dup.
me:that is soooooo cool....
bal:he is fucktarded
by sana the slug July 10, 2005
The person who has just fucked a retard
Have you seen my baseball?
You fucktard!
by Mike December 02, 2004

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