When somebody is so obviously retarded...cant take a single hint and they piss everyone off. They act totally gay and try way to hard to be funny. the combination of a ''fuckin retard'' : fuck-tard
Chik 1:
Hey, this guy totally tried to impersonate Seth Rogan,which I totally love Seth MuthaFuckin Rogan..not only was he NOT funny..he was 5 foot ugly..smelled like dirty vag..and when he laughed in my face I almost choked to death on his rotten ass-fuck dead-stank-breath! He really thought I liked him and he would NOT leave..!! LMAO!

Chik 2:
What a FUCK-TARD!!!

Chik 3: Yea..fuck-tards mhmm everyday..

Chik 1: Where the fuck did you come from chik# 3???


Fuck-Tard aka Chik #3: UUHHHGGGHHMMMMEEWW!!! I WAS JUST TRYIN TO BE AWSEOME LIKE YOUU..awww mann I hate my life!

Random Dude walkin by: I HATE YOUR LIFE TO BITCH! ( random dude most likely a fuck-tard)
by MadiMadiMadi February 27, 2010
A absolute fucking retard.
Dude, your friend is a total fucktard.
by danwade November 09, 2007
A fucking retard. If you couldnt figure this one out please go kill yourself....
Durrrr fucktard, if you need an explanation you are one, noob.
by Luke Hahn May 03, 2007
what every person who acts like an imbisole is .
you are a stoopid fucktard and you have no life.
by christybob March 16, 2007
A fucking retard.

Look at that fucktard.
Don't worry about that fucktard, you aren't ugly.
The fucktard is annoying me again.
Tom: I just crashed my mom's car.
George: Oh my god, you FUCKTARD!
by Angela Pesek August 08, 2006
A male in his mid-20's that has mannerisms and vocabularly similar to Kelso from That 70's Show.
Why is that guy that works in the mall so fucktarded?
by Perfect Stranger April 23, 2006
Combination of 'fuck' and 'retard'
Emphasizes the retardness of something or someone.
Oh my god! Did you see that guy trip over his shoelaces!! Hahaha what a fucktard!
by Lady Leet April 04, 2006

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