Somebody who does something really stupid see asshat
Jim drove into a farmers market, what a fucktard
by Calvin November 12, 2003
A fucking tard.
Hello Mr. retarded person you are a fucking tard.
by And, rew September 29, 2003
fucking annoying internet kliche-word spreading wider and making more damage than ayb and ackbar combined. Spawn of lousy sites as and its ilk. A simple and pure sign of associations with the lowest of internet humor. Burn it with fire.
lol fucktard france surrenders lol
by eple September 10, 2003
One who is a fuck worse than a normal tard.
Steven Hawking just stole my parking spot, what a fucktard!
by Sven June 30, 2003
A person who uses "gay", "faggot", "queer" and any other phrase pertaining to homosexuality. Fucktards usually spell many words in their sentence fragments.
Many preps are fucktards.
by Jesus March 27, 2003
the fat, ugly, repulsive, being that you see when you finally drag your lazy acne covered ass out of bed in the morning.
"nice to see you again fucktard"
by berverse March 25, 2003
implesurable person... yeah.
starla called me a fucktard!
by Poiso41 January 08, 2003

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